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Review: Funny Bones And Wisdom Teeth (Dr Ray Lowry / Free Festival) Retired
Doctor Ray Lowry provides a number of amusing yet cringe-worthy anecdotes,
recounting his time in the professions of dentistry and medicine. The set
contains a well-scripted collection of old school jokes about local
anaesthetics, gynaecology, and the age old embarrassment of purchasing condoms.
There were times when Lowry’s tales of teeth and tits never really materialised
into a joke, and the random slapstick element tagged on to the end was a
disappointing finish. But though it won’t get your pulse racing, it’s healthy
to have a good groan once in a while. Just pray that your own doctor doesn’t
one day undertake a similar venture… Laughing Horse @ Edinburgh City Football
MD of company

Ray Lowry worked with me during much needed preparatory work
on an up and coming conference I was comparing. He was able to put me at ease
immediately and at the same time get straight to the heart of my style and
approach that suited myself as an individual and the tone of the said
conference. Having delivered a number of presentations over the years, I had
never taken time to really focus on my style and overall quality of my
delivery. Ray gave me some insider knowledge of professional presenters and comedians,
that gave great context to not only this presentation, but all future ones too.


I would be delighted to work with Ray in the future,
developing and finely tuning my style even further, to ensure I become the best
I can be.


Event company of after dinner booking medical supply chain organisation national meeting/dinner

Sent: 05 November
2012 11:11

To: 'Ray Lowry'

Subject: After
Dinner Speaker - Thursday 1st November - Cambridge


Hi Ray


I hope you enjoyed participating at the dinner last Thursday as much as we enjoyed hearing your
after dinner speech, which I think hit the right spot in terms of audience and timing.


It has been a long time since the *** opted for an after dinner speaker and from the feedback I
heard this has certainly wetted their appetite for future meetings. We’ll
certainly keep you in mind for our other clients now we have seen you at first


Thanks again and it was nice to work with you.

Kind Regards


Event Manager



British Dental Students Association annual conference dinner

Just the right level for the raucous audience. You held your own!  President, local dental student's society.

Dental Graduates dinner

Medical student's society (MEDSOC)

After all your experience, still the human face of the medic and dentist. So oral surgeons are human after all           Committee member

British Society for Dental Research conference dinner

And ventriloquism too!     Delegate

Round Table, Rotary regular informal dinners

Thank you very much for an interesting and funny talk. It was great to hear about medicine and dentistry from the other side of the counter, but without too much technical detail, and certainly not enough gore to upset the digestion! Thanks also for not talking down at us     Secretary, North East Rotary

British Dental Trades Association conference dinner

British Standards Association conference dinner

Training the Trainer dinner

Teaching can't be dull then!      Delegate

Local Dental Committee dinner

I didn't realise dental public health could be so amusing. I'll never be able to look our local consultant in the face again!      Laurie S.

Local Medical Committee dinner

Thanks for an entertaining talk. Many new stories and I liked the James Herriott approach      Diner

Social Marketing conference dinner

The human side of the business, and a professional do-gooder as you amusingly describe yourself           Conference delegate

North East Change Centre

I really enjoyed your speech -  very funny. Story-telling is something you ought to develop, apart from entertaining people   J A Jameson, Director

Conferences Public Health, Health Promotion, Oral Surgery, General Practice, Medical and Dental education

Thank you so much
for your after dinner talk, which went down really well!  I do hope you enjoyed the dinner and had a
safe trip up to the North East

With all good wishes


R... F... MSc FBCS

F… Consultancy
Services Ltd


Rotary West Scotland 2017

Hi Ray

You may be on your way to Scarborough when this reaches you. J*** and I just want to say Thank You for a wonderful night. You really entertained and wowed everyone. I have been asked by those who were still there at 11 pm to pass on to you their best of compliments and, if possible, to write something in the Rotary magazine as well as the local press.  That was a superb performance.  We would dearly love to have you back in *****, and hopefully we can arrange something that is mutually convenient in this respect.