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“You too can be an entertaining speaker…..”


I used to envy speakers who were entertaining. And I noticed they were admired,
sought-after and successful.


But I was daunted by the challenge. Terrified sometimes. I didn’t know what to do
or how to do it.


So I set out to find the secrets and see if I could become an entertaining
speaker. And I did, as my engagements diary now shows. I am in demand at
conferences, at business meetings, as an after-dinner speaker (and I even do
pure stand-up comedy from time to time).


And take it from me:


•   Most people can master the techniques

•   A good number can get ahead of the crowd

•   You don’t have to be talented (I wasn’t, though I was a comedy writer in my

•   It can be done surprisingly quickly (and sometimes it needs to be done in a

•   It is often about context: not every occasion needs humour, not every laugh
needs to be a belter


So where could your entertaining speaking take you? How do we make that happen for
you? And when do we start?

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