Group training - A Confident Public Speaker

A Series of Lessons to Help You be a Confident Speaker

Do you have sales teams, technical teams or senior executives who need to make public speaking appearances?

If the answer is yes, then I could help them to:

  • Improve their confidence speaking in public
  • Compete more effectively in today’s challenging market
  • Represent your company as an outstanding brand ambassador
  • Position your company as a voice of authority in your chosen sector
  • Improve success rates with customers

How to be an entertaining public speaker is a workshop devised by me, Dr Lowry BDS, MB, ChB, FFPH. I started my career writing for Kenneth Williams and The Two Ronnies before moving into medicine.  I spent so many years as a dentist, Dr and consultant sitting through poor public speaking and presentations that I decided to do something about it. After learning the art of public speaking I have pulled together all the best bits of my training into this corporate workshop.

How to be an entertaining public speaker will:

  • Help your employees to improve to a level at which they feel comfortable
  • Help your employees to make small improvements that get big results
  • Examine presentation content as well as speaking style