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Confidence in public speaking

For some people success is very important, for others it is less so. Not everyone wants to be a winner. Many people are happy to be mediocre, ust satisfied to be ordinary.  But others want to be the best they can be and that usually involves being a good public speaker.


Public speaking is one activity that sorts the sheep from the goats. Run-of-the-mill speakers are the norm. Our colleagues and friends are surprisingly tolerant of “death-by-PowerPoint”
presentations, mumbled banalities and weak jokes. Some wallflowers are so brilliant at what they do that their poor public speaking is tolerated and ignored. But you can't rely on talent alone, especially if your world is a competitive one.

Success is often a relative thing. You have to see off your opponents, your rivals, even your friends in competitive situations at work or play and sometime that will involve public speaking. Don't let your poor public speaking let you down. Be an entertaining speaker and talk your way to success.

Be better than just competent at public speaking – learn our techniques and become an entertaining speaker.  There are many books and courses on how to present yourself in public. Some promise the earth – to turn you into a motivational wizard in three easy steps, to make you the toast of the conference platform, to win the hearts of your future in-laws at the wedding
reception. Other paths to better public speaking are more modest but are usually ineffective. Can you really raise your game by body language alone? Are there actually “power words and phrases” that can make you stand out from the crowd? Learn how to be entertaining with the experts and you really can excel.


Being an entertaining speaker reaps many rewards. If you are an academic or teacher you will be better at your job and your students will regard you as gifted. If you are in business you will get more opportunities, beat your rivals for the work or wow the shareholders at the annual general meeting. If you are a professional person you will be admired by colleagues, rise to the top of your profession and achieve positions of power. If you want to get ahead socially, being an entertaining speaker will get you welcomed at social events, bring you repeat invitations, and help you pass muster with flying colours at those important functions.


Being an entertaining speaker can also be good fun. When people laugh at your jokes, are enthralled by your stories, hang on every your every word, seek your counsel and invite you to all
those events, life becomes much more enjoyable.

Many people in your work and social circles admire entertaining speakers but few try to become one. Some really don’t want to be popular or admired – we all know people like that! But most are too terrified to try or don’t know how to make the changes. And it is important pitch it correctly, to get the level of entertainment “right” for every occasion (we have all squirmed at the inappropriate joke-teller) and to be thoroughly professional at it. What you need is an authoritative, comprehensive, practical, supportive and sympathetic package.


You’ve come to the right place.


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